Kevin Patton | The Migraine Guy |

    If you are beginning to experience migraines and have or are going to see a doctor for the first time, then you will greatly benefit by beginning to document your experience.  Seeing the doctor is rarely fun.  Going in prepared and ready to answer any question the doctor will ask is always a good thing.  With migraines, there are a number of routine questions the doctor will ask.  Some questions you will answer easily, such as questions about when you started getting migraines or if you are taking any medication for it.  Other questions about your diet, migraine frequency and intensity, or any associated symptoms may prove to be difficult to answer in a way that conveys all the information the doctor is needing to be conveyed.  

    Therefore, it is very common to use a migraine tracker and diet journal in order to keep all of the details clear.  There are a number of versions of these trackers / journals.  I have attempted to make some that are targeted towards the needs of migraine sufferers and the doctors trying to help them.  Instructions are included in each document.  I hope they help!