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There are a lot of great and informative resources on the internet explaining and demystifying the world of migraines.  Make sure to check back here often as the list is ever-growing!

General Information:
The Stanford Health Care YouTube Series on Migraines.  Click here.

The Association of Migraine Disorders has very user friendly website.  Click here.
(They also have an associated YouTube page.  Click here.)

The American Headache Society has a ton of very useful and easy to navigate information.  Click here.

The American Academy of Neurology also has a ton of information on an easy to navigate website.  Click here.

Information on Medications
Thankfully, information on the medication side of getting migraines is ample - almost as ample as the variety of drugs your doctor may prescribe!  I typically start at the Mayo Clinic's website (click here) and enter the name of the medication.  

The forums have a pretty active community, though you'll need to create an account.  Click here.

There are a number of Facebook groups that also are very active.  Just make sure to take any advice you receive with a grain of salt.  These kinds of groups are great for venting your frustrations at your migraine/doctor/medication/job/etc.  A few groups I am a member of:

Studies / Science / Ongoing Research
A nicely laid out website cataloguing numerous studies on migraines and headaches is MedScape.  Their section on migraines is quite thorough.  You will need to create a free account, but I think it is well worth it.  Click here.