Kevin Patton | Business | Testimonials

"Everything was/is great. Thanks for all your help. Kevin set-up my WiFi in way which used inexpensive but reliable hardware.  Kevin also stayed an extra few hours to repair my 7 year old computer which is now almost as fast as it was when I purchased it.  All the annoying pop-ups and malware is removed. Grateful" - Karin

"The computer Kevin built me is for stock analysis and research.  It is an amazing build, was assembled quickly, and was well within the assigned budget." - John

"My phone had received an update that broke the phone.  It wouldn't boot at all; it would just freeze on the boot animation screen.  Kevin not only got the phone to boot again, he did so within 24 hours of my bringing him my device." - Pat

"I was wanting to change mobile devices on ATT but not wanting to pay for a new phone.  I had an old Blackberry lying around that was originally for Verizon.  The ATT representative I spoke to said that there was no way for the Verizon phone to work on ATT's network given the hardware differences.  Kevin was able to unlock my phone which allowed it work with ATT's network." - Anne

"I had been experiencing severe lagging on my Playstation when playing online games.  Originally I thought there was something wrong with the Playstation itself.  Kevin theorized that the problem was more likely to reside in my home network itself.  He set up a Quality of Service protocol on my home router to guarantee my Playstation had a certain allocation of bandwidth.  Now I do not lag at all!  Very satisfied!"  - Gamer_Guy

"As a small business owner myself, I appreciate when a service provider can find innovative and inexpensive solutions without compromising on quality.  I needed battery backups for my network in the event of a power failure.  Patton Enterprises provided two key services:  First, Kevin was able to acquire the necessary hardware for a fraction of the price it would have cost had I gone through something like Amazon.  Second, Kevin found an innovative solution to some software limitations which the manufacturer had told me there was no solution for.  Kevin found a solution within 2 hours of assessing the situation.  Fantastic customer service!" - D. Pemberton